Sri Daruri Seshachary concert – recap by Smt Parvathy Hadley

On Saturday Sept 22 CMAI organised a vocal concert by Sri D.Seshachary (of Hyderabad Brothers), accompanied nicely by Mr. Prasad on violin and Mr.Jayanth on mridangam. This was at Sycamore School, which has a pretty good audio system and a technician who knows his equipment. The concert started with no tinkering with audio and it sounded just fine.

The concert followed a very formal pattern, with a varnam, 3 compositions with suddha madhyamam, then introduce a prati madhyamam, a lengthy raga aalap in Kamboji followed by mridangam solo; then a second half of an interesting mix. Sri Seshachari could go a full octave below his base Sa, and he could also reach very nigh notes in Tara sthayi, covering almost 3 octaves.

The program consisted of :

1. “Saami ninne kori” Varnam in Sri Ragam, composed by Garbhapurivaasa (actually 4 people who composed together)
2. “Garuda gamana samayamithe” in Nadaswaravali by Pattanam Subramanya Iyer
3. “Enthanerchina” in Udaya Ravichandrika by Tyagaraja
4. “Tharunam iidhamma” in Gauli Panthu by Syama Sastri
5. “Biranavara” in Kalyani by Syama Sastri
6. “Ganamurthe” in Ganamurthi by Tyagaraja
7. “O Rangasayee” in Kamboji by Tyagaraja, followed by Mridangam Tani Aavarthanam
8. “RaaRaa maa inthi daaka” in Asaveri by Tyagaraja
9. “Enna thavam seythanai” in Kaapi by Papanasam Sivan
10. “Hechariga ga” in Yadukula Kamboji by Tyagaraja
11. “Bhaja bhaja manasa” in Sindhu Bhairavi by Swati Tirunal Maharaja
12. “Krishna nee begane baaro” in Yamuna Kalyani by Vyasarayaru
13. “Seetha kalyana vaibhogame” in Kurinji by Tyagaraja
14. Mangalam in Saurashtram

CMAI has once again provided a nice afternoon of listening to pure Carnatic music. And we have more to look forward to!

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