Aradhana – Meaning of Kritis

Few days prior to Thyagaraja Aradhana day, we have asked the participating children to send us few lines about the kriti they planned to sing. This was done to promote interest in learning Bhavam of the kritis. We would like to applaud the children who have responded in such a short notice. Please read below.

Raagam: sri ranjani
Thaalam: adi
by Abhinav Ramkumar
One who adorns the heart of Sita! Why are you not giving me a reply to my persistent appeal? I have realized that you are far and near and also just in the lotus of my heart. The path is now clear to me and I shall follow it gladly.

Raagam: hamsadhvani
29th mela janyam
Thaalam: adi
by Adhitya Ramkumar
Pallavi: Raghunaayaka nee paada yuga rAjeevamunane vidajala shri
Meaning: Oh! One of the greatest among all Raghus! I will never let go of your lotus feet.

Anupallavi: Aghajalamula bara droli nan naadarimpa neevE gati gada shri
Meaning: To get rid of my sins, you are my only hope to care for me.

Charanam: Bhava saagaramu daataleka ne palu gasibadi ni marugu jeritini avanijadhipa shrta rakasaka anandakara shri tyagarajanuta
Meaning: Unable to cross the worldly ocean, After much pain, I reached your shelter. Husband of Earth’s daughter (Sita), Protector of those approaching you! Maker of joy, Praised by Tyagaraja!

rama rama nee varamu
Raagam: ananda bhairavi
Thaalam: adi
by Jai Natarajan
Lord rAma! O Lord sItArAma! O Joy of pious people! O Wearer of glittering garments! O Lord whose might seems to be screened! O Bestower of the desires of devotees which are like boons! O Lord holding raised kOdaNDa who is a feast to the eyes! O Handsome Lord like cupid who is the root of bliss! O Lord gOvinda! O Lord known in the vEdas, who has no beginning or end! O Lord known (or regarded) by Lord Siva! O Lord rAma who is – tranquility-personified, embodiment of Truth and virtuous! O Immeasurable Lord!

I pay obeisance to You; I have become Your’s; Please come quickly. Please come slowly;

Please come as the pure golden ornaments sway. Please come to the glow of abundant lustre of kOdaNDa. Please come to show your smiling face; Please come to protect me with compassion for ever. Please come to govern this tyAgarAja.

sundhara dasaratha nandana rama
Raagam: kapi
Thaalam: adi
by Sriya Ravi and Sreeti Ravi
Pallavi: Sundaes Dasaratha Nandana Rama Vandana Monarincedara
Meaning: Beautiful Dasarathe! I pay my obeisance to you.

Caranam 1: Pankajalocana dharaja Yankamuna velungaga gani
Meaning: Seeing the lotus-eyed, bright Sita sitting in your lap

Charanam 2: Paramadayakara subhakara Girisamanohara sankara
Meaning: Winner of the heart of Sri Siva! Benevolently gracious one, who confers all that is good! Protecter of the worlds;

Charanam 3: Karamuna godugidukoni Sodaru bharatudu karagaga gani
Meaning: Observing Bharata with umbrella in hand and in a melting mood;

Charanam 4: Sugunudanila tanayudu Gavaya gavakshulu goluvaga gani
Meaning: Seeing vanara leaders like the noble Hanuman, Gavaya, and Gavaksha, serving you;

Charanam 6: Akalankamukha tyagarajunu Brocina avyaja karunasagara
Meaning: Rama, with the blemish less face, who has taken Thyagaraja under his protection! Lord whose grace is a boundless ocean.

shree raamaa shree raamaa
Raagam: sahana
Thaalam: adi
by Nithya Shree Murthy
In this song, Thyagaraja pleads Lord Raama to protect him.

I like the lines, “Pankaja Vadanamaa Baaguga judumaa” which means, Raama has face like a lotus, meaning he’s very handsome and he should look at the ones who pray to him well, that is “to take good care” of them.

Aathreya Murthy, 10 years.
“Shurtir maata Laya: pitaa” is a Sanskrit saying I’ve heard from my grandfather many times. It means that for a good music, Shruthi (the right pitch) is like mother and Laya (the rhythm or taalam) is like father. Just as both parents are very important for us, similarly for a melodious music, there must be the right shruthi and it must be in perfect taalam too.

“Sogasugaa mridanga taalamu” is a famous song written by Sri.Thyagaraja. In this he praises the music with devotion. He says, “O lord Rama, whoever is that strong person who makes you nicely enamored by songs, with true words bearing the meaning of Upanishads, and with purity of swara, duly attuned with the beat of mridanga” As a student learning mridangam, I like this expression of saint Thyagaraja and strongly believe that among the various ways of praying/chanting the names of Rama to earn his blessings, is thru playing the right rhythmic patterns, pausing at the right places with sincerity and devotion.

The humbleness of Sri Thyagaraja always touches my heart and I learn a lot about devotion, power of praying just by looking at his pictures and listening to his songs.
I’ll play couple of Adi taala avartanas on Thyagaraja aradhana day.

Raagam: hindolam
Thaalam: deshaadi
by Niveditha Meyyappan
Pallavi: Manasuloni marmamunu delusuko mana rakshaka marakatanga na
Meaning: Rama, blue-colored like the mar­akata gem and guardian of my purity and reputation! Comprehend the inmost secret of my heart.

Anupallavi: Inakulapta nivegani ve-revaru leru ananda hrdaya
Meaning: Scion of the Sun dynasty, the soul of joy, except you, there is none else in my heart.

Charanam: Munupu premagala doravai sada chanuvu nelinandi goppa gadaya Kanikarambuto nivela na karamu battu tyagaraja vinuta
Meaning: It is not a great thing that in times past you ruled over people with affection like a loving Lord. Take pity on me at this time and hold me by the hand, oh Lord praised by Thyagaraja.

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