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CMAI Chamber Music 

Goal of CMAI Chamber Music

The Carnatic chamber music is dedicated to promoting Carnatic music amongst local populace. It seeks to do this by the following:
1. Hosting concert events with local talent. The goal is to give performance opportunity to artists from different music schools, in a professional yet friendly platform with encouraging audience.
2. This is a good forum for intermediate and advanced learners who will have the opportunity to gain “Kutcheri” performance skills. They will have a semi-formal concert experience and develop ability to face an audience, develop stage presence, create a music program, work with accompanist to deliver a kutcheri.
3. Vocal, Instrumental and Percussion concerts are encouraged
4. CMAI wishes to make Carnatic Music more mainstream. CMAI wishes to allow the general public to gain knowledge of Carnatic music by giving them access to free Chamber music concerts

Who can perform? General Rules for participation.

1. Any CMAI member who has had training in Carnatic music (vocal or instrumental) at Krithi level or above can participate and perform
2. Non CMAI members are also encouraged and welcome to participate and same Music skills levels and learning apply
3. There is no age limit
4. The performers need to only arrange their own accompanists and be at the venue
5. Anyone who has attained the following skills may perform
a. Must have attained good krithi skills
b. Should be able to sing Ragam – Aalapanam, Kalpana and Neraval (at least once during the performance
c. Thukadas, Bhajans etc must take up more than 25% of the concert
d. Must be able to sing a Thillana
e. Must be able to perform for a minimum of 1 hr to maximum of 2 hrs


1. Registration is on a first come first serve basis
2. Pre-registration is allowed for future dates are allowed
3. Sponsorship/ Participation fees is required for participation (the fee may be paid by artist, family or friends etc. to CMAI in the form of a donation). Check must be made to CMAI and will be collected at the venue
a. CMAI members $ minimum 75.00
b. Non CMAI members $ minimum 100.00
4. Venue is at the Fishers Library
5. For any additional information please contact

To register please check here

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